best teeter inversion table With patented technology licensed from a maker of high-end commercial physiotherapy steppers used by Physical Therapists, Teeter is the only home-use machine with a gentle linear stride that offers zero-impact to ankles, knees, hips, and back. Plus, using both arm and leg strength distributes muscle exertion, decreasing muscle burn-out while also burning 17.4% more calories than a recumbent bike. More results, less pain.

best teeter inversion table

Teeter FitSpine™ best teeter inversion table buying guide

Meet the newest Teeter FitSpine™ accessory – the Posture Restore! Teeter is the only brand to offer a wide range of accessories to enhance the inversion experience. The FitSpine bed is designed with slots that allow a customized fit for the Posture Restore, Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Node accessories.

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The Posture Restore extends the length of the spine, drawing the shoulders back and opening the chest and hips. It gently decompresses and elongates the spine during inversion to promote better posture.

Main Types of Bad Posture
When the spine curves too far inward in the lower back, making the buttocks appear to be sticking out.

Forward Head Posture
When the head is extending forward past the shoulders, caused by tilting our heads forward to look at our phones and computers. This is also known as “text neck”.

When the lower spine loses its curve and flattens out, which results in leaning forward and difficulty standing up straight.

The pelvis is pushed forward, forcing the body to try to compensate for the misalignment by shifting the upper back backward.

Rounding forward of the shoulders, also known as slumping or slouching, and in extreme cases, hunchback.

Change Your Foot Placement on the Pedals

The FreeStep has large pedals that allow for different leg lengths and foot sizes. We recommend starting with your feet positioned on the pedal closest to the top and then adjusting your seat height so that at full extension of your leg (downward motion of the pedal), your knee has just a slight bend (avoiding lockout).

Adjust the FreeStep Handle Length and Positioning best teeter inversion table

There is no wrong way to grab the handles when working out on your FreeStep. Stick to what’s most comfortable to you or switch it up to target different muscle groups. Check out our Freestep Upper Body Exercises to learn more.

In the video below CEO Rylie Teeter shows you the steps mentioned above as well as her own quick tips to get the optimal FreeStep experience and get the most enjoyment out of it as possible.

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